Ammunition/Target Restrictions

NO tracer, incendiary or armor piercing ammunition or explosive targets are allowed.

No center fire rifles over 50 caliber.  .338 caliber or larger may only use orange colored steel targets; white targets are for smaller calibers only.

NO SHOTGUNS ON RIFLE/PISTOL RANGE except in designated marked pattern board area.  Lead shot only; no shot bigger than 7.5 on trap, skeet and sporting clays fields.

NO broad heads allowed on the course.

NO items not designed to be used as targets (i.e., bottles, computers, TV, aluminum or tin cans, etc.) are allowed.

All metal targets must be reactive (i.e., they must move or fall when hit) and must be positioned at right angles (perpendicular) to the line of fire.  Members may place swinging metal targets (for .22 cal and the like) at marked locations only.  Full-metal jacketed ammunition may not be fired at metal targets.

Self-healing ground bouncing targets are only allowed at marked locations.

Targets must be made for the caliber firearm and ammunition used.

Private throwers may only be used in designated area.